A Lasting Legacy

Feeding Westchester is committed to creating a community where all people have access to the food they need today, and the fundamental resources to build a better tomorrow.

We advocate for the preservation and improvement of public assistance programs that provide life-saving food to families and individuals struggling with hunger. Feeding Westchester and its community partners provide neighbors with the meals they need — advancing the fight against hunger in our community.

Together we are Feeding Westchester. 

How Your Gift Helps

Feeding Westchester and its community partners and programs serve more than 200,000 people each month on average. Our collaborations with major retailers and corporations, and our expertise in food procurement, storage, and distribution, turns every monetary donation into fresh food for our community.

We don’t just feed people. We also help people learn to shop, cook, and eat healthy on a limited budget, and we advocate for preservation and improvement of the public “safety net” programs that provide life-saving food to struggling families. With your help, no one in Westchester will go hungry.